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indexelement40What makes pets love our resort?  The answer is not only in the way they are pampered, but the very environment where they stay.  How do we accomplish this?  It's really rather simple...we simply recreate an environment that your pet is used to.  We do this by:

  • Welcoming every pet when they arrive like they are part of our family
  • Spending time with them before they are shown to their suite
  • Spending a few minutes with them once in their suite to make sure they're comfortable
  • Putting a real raised bed with real blankets and pillows in each suite
  • Putting a flat panel TV in each suite (this helps recreate the comfortable sounds of home



1 Royal pet in a suite...$40.00 1 Royal pet in a suite...$25.00
2 Royal pets in a suite..$70.00 2 Royal pets in a suite..$40.00
3 Royal pets in a suite..$95.00 3 Royal pets in a suite..$55.00